The IVC2018 is organized by the Dutch Viola Society, but the majority of actual contents is contributed by musicians, composers, scholars, teachers and students from more than 28 different countries. These have been selected through a Call for Proposals (now closed).

Presenters at IVC2018 contribute with different types of presentations:

  • 29 Recitals
  • 14 Lecture-Recitals
  • 8 Lectures
  • 8 Workshops
  • 8 Master classes

The names of all selected Presenters and the titles of their presentations/programmes will be published on a separate page, soon.

Presenters generally enjoy the benefits of a full week of Congress, inspiring each other and us with innovative topics and high-quality performances.

Practice rooms (with or without piano) will be available at the Congress venue throughout the week, so that Presenters can rehearse alone or together with their accompanists.

In addition, all recitalists will have the benefit of a brief advance sound-check (aka. partial dress rehearsal) in the actual hall where their Presentation will be given, so they can get a notion of the acoustics and the ambiance, and make decisions about lighting, stage positioning and other things.