IVC Participant Katharina Rußland – 3 questions

More than 300 participants from all over the world come to the IVC2018 in Rotterdam. Who are they? Why are they coming, and what do they expect from this congress?
In this mini-interview, German Young Delegate Katharina Rußland gives us her story..

IVC: Introduce yourself, where you come from and what you do as a violist.

KR: My name is Katharina Alexandrea Rußland (26) from Schleswig, Germany.
I have completed Bachelor and Master Studies at University of Music Saar, Saarbrücken (Germany). Currently I am an ERASMUS-Exchange student at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland.  I play in different youth and professional orchestras and improving myself to become a professional orchestra musician. Last year I had an internship at Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. I love to play chamber music (especially in unusual casts).

IVC: How did you hear about IVC2018, and what made you decide to come?

KR: When I applied for ERASMUS also in Rotterdam, the viola professor Karin Dolman told me that especially this autumn would be a good time to be in Rotterdam – also because of IVC. I kept this idea in my mind, and when I had a lesson for orchestra excerpts at the Sibelius Academy beginning of September, the teacher from the Finnish national opera told me that she was at IVC some years ago, and that it was a good experience for her. She recommended it warmly to me, and mentioned that other violists from Sibelius Academy are going this year, too.

And another reason is, that my boyfriend studies in The Hague, so we can see each other again! 🙂

IVC: What are your expectations for IVC 2018, and what part of it are you most looking forward to?

KR: I got a place for a master class with Timothy Ridout. It is just a short lesson, but I think it will have a nice impact for my inspiration of interpreting (Schumann’s, ed.) Märchenbilder. I saw him playing Märchenbilder on YouTube, and he plays it really fascinating and warm.
The fact that he is younger than me and gives me a masterclass was strange in the first moment, but we have such a different CV that I am sure to learn so much from his playing. I am really looking forward to this lesson!

Of course, I am also looking forward for all the workshops and concerts specialized for viola. It is a very interesting programme for the whole week and I expect new impulses for improving myself as a musician and personality.

Having the opportunity to meet people from everywhere at IVC is such a gift. In the time of globalization, it is becoming more and more important, that we all stay together and are open- minded for people from other countries and their culture. Our generation has to take responsibility for many global problems, and we can only solve them if we have international friends and grow together. Maybe there would not be EU any longer without projects like IVC. So let us make music as friends, without borders, learn from each other and influence also other fields than just the musicians world.