For your stay in Rotterdam, we have partnered with Preferred Hotel Reservations to offer a selection of hotels with special IVC2018 rates, most of which are conveniently located in the vicinity of our Congress venues.

All of these hotels have reserved a number of rooms exclusively for IVC2018 participants, until at least Sept. 20th, 2018. After this date, they will gradually start releasing the reservations for general public access.

To examine these IVC2018 offerings and book your hotel, please follow this link:

Participants are warmly encouraged to book hotels through this site, or to make arrangements of their own.

If you are in need of cheaper options, there are also hostels and group accommodations (with shared rooms and bathrooms) – please contact us for further advice.

Visitors with an exceptionally tight budget can request to be considered for private lodging (guest housing), which we are trying to arrange on a best-effort basis.This request can be indicated in the Congress Registration form.

Relying on this option alone is not recommended, however, as space may only become available (if at all) very shortly before the congress. So we recommend you book a hotel in any case, keeping in mind the hotel’s cancellation policy.

If you have any other questions regarding accommodations, please contact our Production manager for advice..