Call for Proposals – IVC 2018



As Host organization of the 45th International Viola Congress in Rotterdam, the Dutch Viola Society (DVS) hereby invites music performers, teachers and scholars from all over the world to submit proposal(s) for a contribution to the Congress Programme in November 2018.

The official theme of the 45th IVC is:


Proposals should relate to this theme, preferably in one of the following ways:

  1. Exploring how to create and/or reach more diverse audiences
  2. Exploring unusual and different ways of performing canonical repertoire
  3. Exposing unknown, forgotten or new repertoire for the viola
  4. Exhibiting exceptional excellence in performance, composition, research or teaching

The proposal may be for giving a recital, a lecture-recital, a lecture, a masterclass or a workshop. The maximum duration of a presentation session is 50 minutes, but shorter programmes may be accepted, if they can be combined with other presentations.

Note: The present invitation does not apply to commercial vendors / exhibitors, nor for students who wish to apply for master classes. These invitations will be issued separately.

How to submit a Proposal:

  • The official Application form can (and must) be downloaded from this link.
  • A Candidate may submit one or more proposals, each on a separate Application form, sent in a separate e-mail to
  • The Application form(s) must be completely filled in and must be accompanied by all required supporting documentation (as per section 4 of the Application form).
  • All documents must be submitted in PDF (or Microsoft Word) format. Documents received in any other format will be considered unreadable.
  • The (new) deadline for submissions is:
    December 31st, 2017 at 24:00h CET (Rotterdam time)
    December 18th, 2017 at 24:00h CET (Rotterdam time)

Your Commitments:

By submitting a proposal, the candidate makes the following commitments:

  • The Candidate (and all main Presenters) must be a member of a Viola Society that is an officially affiliated section of the International Viola Society (see the IVS website for the official list of affiliated sections). In lieu of such proof, a DVS membership must be acquired at the time Congress Registration.
  • The Candidate must be available to perform/present at any time during the daytime programming of the Congress (November 20th – 24th 2018). Individual availability constraints will not be accepted.
  • The Candidate is responsible for all personal costs such as travel, lodging, meals and congress fees. The IVC hosts have no means to cover these costs, so the Candidate must actively secure financial assistance from other sources, if needed.
  • The Candidates may bring their own accompanist or supporting ensemble, at their own cost.

Our Commitments:

By accepting a Candidate’s proposal, the IVC hosts take the following commitments and exceptions:

  • In accordance with IVS regulations, there will be no direct financial compensation for Candidates selected to present or perform at the Congress. However, a Congress fee discount will be offered to the selected Candidates and their accompanist(s).
  • The IVC 2018 hosts pledge to assist the participants in finding affordable and convenient lodging, on a best-effort basis.
  • Upon request, the IVC 2018 hosts can provide professional pianists for accompaniment of a recital programme. Some extra cost to the performer may apply (based on hourly rates for rehearsals and performance).
  • Rehearsal rooms will be available, however in limited supply. Booking possibilities will be offered in advance of the Congress.
  • All Proposals will be carefully evaluated by the IVC 2018 Programme Committee.
  • However, the Programme Committee is not obliged to process Proposal submissions that do not comply to the requirements (see “How to submit a proposal” and “Your commitments” above).
  • If there are more deserving Proposals than can fit in the programme, the Programme Committee may put some Proposals on a waiting list.
  • There is no opportunity to appeal the Programme Committee’s decision.
  • Candidates will receive formal Notice of Acceptance (via e-mail) by January 15th, 2018. This notice will include a personal letter of recommendation, in support of the Candidate’s applications for financial assistance.