IVC Participant Anne Caloustian – 3 questions

More than 300 participants from all over the world come to the IVC2018 in Rotterdam. Who are they? Why are they coming, and what do they expect from this congress?
In this mini-interview, French violist Anne Caloustian gives us her story.

IVC: Introduce yourself, where you come from and what you do as a violist.

My name is Anne Caloustian, I live in Calais, in the North of France.
Music is my passion since I was a child. For 46 years I’ve been playing and listening to music, I am now 51 years old and it has been such a profound joy to live with music. How lucky we are to interpret all these composers, the more years pass the better I realize that I simply couldn’t live without it.

I studied with Serge Collot in Paris conservatory, then I met Raphael Hillyer and Steven Ansell in Boston University (USA). I got a Fulbright scholarship and studied in USA for three wonderful years. What an incredible experience being abroad! I got back with a master of music in viola performance. Back in France I got the C.A. (French diploma to teach), I’ve been teaching since then, and trying to explore new ways of transmission by working as well with body and perception (tai chi /qi gong ), by breathing exercise etc.

Besides I played with Trio Nausicaa (flute,viola and harp), Opale quartett (string quartet) and I am actually playing sonata Duo Hyousys (which means North in Armenian) with Caroline Duez (piano), and we create performances with painting, poetry, history etc.
I am also performing by myself mixing clown, poetry and viola – my stage name is <Graine de Perle >

IVC: How did you hear about IVC2018, and what made you decide to come?

I heard about IVC Rotterdam thanks to Facebook
What decided me to come was:  New ways of performing. What a great theme!
So thrilled to discover and meet all the people from all over the world

IVC: What are your expectations for IVC 2018, and what part of it are you most looking forward to?

Music is a wonderful way to meet people,
What a great luck that IVC 2018 offer the opportunity to listen to great players and also to people who play differently. It is going to be so much dense, rich and incredible.
Actually it is for me like a dream come true! All these violists all together what a beautiful way of being in peace all of us whatever our difference is.
Thank you so much for making this happen!