Evening Concert Tickets

Every evening during IVC2018, special concerts are given by our Featured Artists at top-class concert venues. These concerts are described in detail on this page.

With some exceptions (noted below), tickets for these concerts are not included in the Congress Registration fee, and they must be ordered separately.

Due to a significant demand, we strongly encourage you to purchase your tickets as soon as possible! It is definitely possible that some of these concerts will sell out completely, and you don’t want to miss any of them!

NOTE: The Ticket Office of our partner De Doelen concert halls is solely responsible for the processing of ticket sales for all IVC2018 Evening Concerts.
Any information from the website or personnel of De Doelen takes precedence over the information on this web page, which is offered as a “use at own risk” service for our international Congress visitors. The Dutch Viola Society and the IVC2018 Organizing Committee will not accept responsibility for communication problems, ordering errors, price differences or payment issues in this connection.


IVC2018 Congress participants (and members of the Dutch Viola Society) are offered special discount rates for these concerts, using the dedicated discount code “IVC2018. The very generous rates for young people (up to 26 years: at €10 per ticket) are not subject to a discount code, but you need to bring a proof of age (Driver’s licence, ID card, passport) to the concert.


Tueday, Nov. 20th: DoelenKwartet with Jutta Puchhammer and Lisa Eggen
Venue: De Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal
Programme: IVC2018 Opening Night: String Quintets
IVC2018 discount rates
: Top / 1st / 2nd Tier: €35 / €30 / €25 (20% discount **)
Youth rate (max 26 years of age): €10


Wednesday, Nov. 21st (@20:30h): Lawrence Power with Laurenscantorij
Venue:  Laurenskerk
Programme: The Power of Viola and Voices
IVC2018 discount rate
: All seats (***) at:€25 (30% discount)
Youth rate (max 26 years of age): €10


Thursday, Nov. 22nd: Nobuko Imai, Atar Arad and Timothy Ridout (*)
Venue: De Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal
Programme: Celebrating Britten’s 105th Birthday

IVC2018 Week Pass holders: Free ticket included with Registration
IVC2018 discount rate
: All seats (***) at: €20 (15% discount)
Youth rate (max 26 years of age): €10


Friday, Nov. 23rd: Kim Kashkashian and Robyn Schulkowsky (*)
Venue: De Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal
Programme: Music for Viola and Percussion

IVC2018 Week Pass holders: Free ticket included with Registration
IVC2018 discount rate
: All seats (***) at: €20 (15% discount)
Youth rate (max 26 years of age): €10


Saturday, Nov. 24th: Lawrence Power with Bochumer Symphoniker
Venue: De Doelen Grote Zaal
Programme: IVC2018 Closing Concert: Howells’ Elegy, Walton concerto

IVC2018 discount rate
: 2nd Tier only: €25 (25% discount **)
Youth rate (max 26 years of age): €10


All concerts start at 20:15h in the evening, unless otherwise noted.

(*) Tickets for the concerts on Nov. 22nd and Nov. 23rd are included for Week Pass holders (only). These tickets will be provided upon your arrival at the Congress. If you don’t have (or haven’t planned to buy) an IVC2018 Week Pass, you will need to buy tickets separately for these two concerts.

(**) For the concerts on Nov. 20th and Nov 24th, seats are graded in different “Tiers” (Dutch: “rang”). The better seats are (surprise!) more expensive. For the Nov 24th concert, IVC discount applies to the 2nd Tier only, but if you want a different seat grade, you can still buy that at the regular price. The Youth rate still applies for all seats in the house. So if you’re 26 or younger, don’t be modest! Pick yourself a great seat, it will still only cost €10.

(***) The concerts on Nov. 21st, 22nd and 23rd have free seating, i.e. you can’t reserve a specific seat, you can pick any free seat when you enter the concert venue. Note: It is obviously a bad idea to arrive last-minute to these concerts, if you want a good seat.


In order to accommodate the different time zones, languages and payment preferences of all IVC2018 visitors, there are several ways to secure tickets for these concerts:

International Visitors: Ticket Reservation Form

As a special service to IVC2018 visitors from abroad, the Doelen Ticket Office has agreed to accept reservations by e-mail. To streamline this Reservation process, we have created an Evening Concert Ticket Reservation Form through which you can order your tickets. When submitted, this form is then mailed directly to the Ticket Office at De Doelen.

The further procedure for reservations is described in the Terms and Conditions, as written at the bottom of the Reservation form (which you have to Accept in order to submit the form).

This Reservation form only supports one ticket per evening per customer, and also only offers the ticket categories (Tiers) supporting IVC2018 discounts.

International Visitors: Ticket Reservation via E-mail

For any other wish that does not fit in the constraints of the Ticket Reservation form above (e.g. you want to order multiple tickets for a single evening, or special Top-tier tickets), you can send your own custom request by e-mail directly to kassa@dedoelen.nl with your order. A few format requirements for this mail:

  • Title of the mail should be “Reservation IVC2018”
  • Quote your full first name and last name
  • Include your date of birth, if you are applying for Youth ticket rates (< 27 years)
  • Clearly mention that the Discount code “IVC2018” applies
  • For each evening: How many tickets you need;
  • Note also which “Tier” (“Rang”) you wish to reserve, in case of choice
    (this only applies to the concerts on Nov 20th and Nov. 24th).
  • Be sure to request confirmation of the reservation and the total price
    (including any transaction fees)

You can (must) then pick up and pay for the tickets at the Ticket Office counter in De Doelen, at your earliest convenience after you arrive in Rotterdam. The Ticket Office accepts cash and credit cards (Mastercard, VISA).

For Dutch speakers: Ticket Purchase through De Doelen Website

The concert tickets can be purchased on-line through the De Doelen Website. This website is only available in Dutch language, therefore not user-friendly for international visitors. For Dutch speakers, however, it is the fastest, most convenient (flexible) and cheapest (lowest transaction cost) way of getting your tickets. So we warmly recommend that you use this service if you can!

You have to create a customer account on that website (if you do not already have one), in order to complete these transactions. In the list above, direct links to each concert on De Doelen website are given. iDEAL and Credit cards (Mastercard, VISA) are accepted. The e-tickets will then be e-mailed to you directly after confirmed purchase.

Ticket Reservation or Purchase via Telephone

You can also order tickets by calling De Doelen Ticket Office: +31 10 2171717, This service is open on Monday through Saturday, from 14:00-18:00 (Central European Time). The Ticket Office personnel speak English. Prepare your “shopping list” in advance, and remember to quote the discount code.

You can leave it a Reservation, in which case you pick up and pay for the tickets upon arrival at the De Doelen Ticket Office; or you can purchase the tickets directly, by completing a payment via Bank Transfer or iDEAL, after which the tickets will be e-mailed to you.

De Doelen charges a fee for each customer transaction (purchase or reservation of one or more tickets). The transaction fees are:

  • Doelen Website purchase, payment with iDEAL: € 2,-
  • Doelen Website purchase, payment by credit card: € 4,-
  • Reservation by IVC2018 form, e-mail or phone; payment at the counter: € 4,-
  • Reservation by phone, payment by bank transfer: € 5,-
  • Reservation by phone, payment with iDEAL: € 3,-

To avoid unnecessary repeated transaction fees, you should order your tickets in one single shopping cart (or with a single reservation form / e-mail / phone call) whenever possible.