Special Guest: ThatViolaKid

If you’re under 30 and play the viola, you have very likely heard of him. Even more likely, you already follow him on YouTube and other social media, like tens of thousands other young music fans: ThatViolaKid, with IRL name Drew Alexander Forde – YouTuber, vlogger, blogger, violist, you name it.

A recent Juilliard school graduate currently living in Los Angeles, he presents himself as “Violist, Rapper, Teacher, Speaker”… and the best bit:
He will be at IVC2018 Rotterdam!

During the Congress, ThatViolaKid will be vlogging more or less in real time from Rotterdam. We are really excited about his presence! Here’s one of his latest music videos:

You can find and follow him on social media here:
YouTube (30,000 followers), Instagram (120,000 followers), facebook (5200 likes),
and of course his website:  http://thatviolakid.com/